15th workshop - part 2: Characterisation and typing

Online event

From 17 June 2021 to 17 June 2021

Part 2: Characterisation and typing


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Welcome and Opening: Opening of the workshop (Jacques-Antoine HENNEKINNE, Adrien ASSERE), Presentation of the workshop, Roll call of participants, 2021 EURL Lm work programme (Adrien ASSERE)

Lm context by EFSA & ECDC: 2019 EU reporting in humans and food (Taïna NISKANEN, ECDC and Frank BOELAERT, EFSA), EFSA One Health System (Mirko ROSSI, EFSA), 2020 multi country outbreaks (Eleonora SARNO)

Supports to NRLs: 2020 WGS proficiency test (Maroua SAYEB), GenoListeria (Benjamin FELIX), NGS EURL working group update (Adrien ASSERE), StarFlow for NRLs (Maroua SAYEB), WG25: upcoming WGS Standard (Adrien ASSERE)

When NRLs take the floor:
IT - Real-Time PCR-based screening method from WGS data and useful bioinformatics tools (Marina TORRESI, IZSAM)
CZ - Comparative analysis of genetic determinants encoding cadmium, arsenic, and benzalkonium chloride resistance in Listeria monocytogenes of various origin (Teresa GELBICOVA, VRI Brno)
DE - Backtracking and forward checking of human listeriosis clusters identified a multiclonal outbreak linked to Listeria monocytogenes in meat products of a single producer (Stefanie LÜTH, BfR)

AOB & Closure