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Publication of EN ISO 18593 on Horizontal methods for surface sampling

Published on 17/01/2019

The working group 17 of  ISO/TC 34/SC 9 has conducted the revision of ISO 18593:2018 on Horizontal methods for surface sampling in the frame of microbiology of the food chain. This working group chaired by Léna Barre (EURL for Listeria monocytogenes) was composed by 24 members and 5 observers coming from all around the world. This CEN ISO standard published in June 2018 specifies horizontal methods for sampling techniques using contact plates, stick swabs, sponges and cloths on surfaces in the food chain environment in order to detect and enumerate culturable microorganisms such as pathogenic or non-pathogenic bacteria or yeasts and moulds.

EFSA-ECDC 2017 Annual Report

Published on 20/12/2018

EFSA and ECDC have just published the European Union summary report on trends and sources of zoonoses, zoonotic agents and food-borne outbreaks in 2017: It includes a chapter on Listeria (Chapter 3, p. 67-85) for whose drafting we have collaborated with EFSA. Cases of listeriosis decreased slightly in 2017: 2,480 infections were reported, against 2,509 in 2016. However, the trend has been upward over the past five years. The group most affected by the disease in 2017 were the elderly, particularly those over 84. In this age group, listeriosis fatality rate was 24%. The highest levels of L. monocytogenes were detected in fish and fishery products (6%), followed by ready-to-eat salads (4.2%).

Meeting of the ISO WG 19 (13-15 Nov)

Published on 19/12/2018

Hélène BERGIS participated to the meeting of the WG 19 of ISO /TC 34/SC 9 in charge of writting the second part of ISO 20976-2 "Microbiology of the food chain - Guidelines for conducting challenge tests - Part 2: Inactivation". This meeting was held in Avignon (France) on 13-15 November. This working group is also in charge of drafting a standard on "Determination and use of cardinal values".

Training on challenge tests assessing the growth of Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat food (6-7 Dec)

Published on 17/12/2018

A training session was organised on 6-7 December in Maisons-Alfort (FR) by EURL for Lm (Hélène BERGIS, Ludivine BONANNO & Pauline ROBIN). It was dedicated to challenge tests assessing the growth of Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat food. This training session was requested by the Lithuanian NRL and the two trainees were Jovita PETRUSKEVICIENE & Audinga VERBICKIENE from the National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute.    

Meeting of WG 2 Statistics of ISO/TC 34/SC9 (18-19 October, 2018)

Published on 14/12/2018

Bertrand LOMBARD convened the 28th meeting of WG 2 Statistics of ISO/TC 34/SC 9 "Food products-Microbiology", held at Campden BRI, Campden UK, on 18-19 October. The main topic on the agenda was the revision of ISO/TS 19036, dealing with measurement uncertainty for quantitative determinations. This project is led by Basi JARVIS (Project Leader), Keith JEWEL and Paul IN'T VELD (co-Project Leaders). More precisely, WG 2 has given a follow-up to the ISO/CEN vote on ISO/DIS 19036. This vote had a very positive outcome with 100% approvals but with many comments. All comments have been reviewed, a new draft is being prepared by WG 2 which will be then submitted to final vote in 2019. It is expected that the revised standard be published by the end of 2019. Other topics have been also dealt, including statistical aspects related to method validation/verification (EN ISO 16140 series), validation of calculation tools.  

Meeting of the working group training package for shelf life studies

Published on 04/12/2018

The working group composed by volunteering LNRs or representants of competent authorities from Italy, Belgium, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands met from 20 to 22 november in Maisons-Alfort. Ludivine BONANNO & Hélène BERGIS have chaired this meeting which aim was to finalise the training package for shelf life studies dedicated to Lm. We are happy to inform you that the package should by finalised by the end of the year.    

ECDC-EFSA technical report: Multi-country outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes linked to consumption of salmon products

Published on 08/11/2018

ECDC and EFSA have published on 25/10/2018 a Rapid Outbreak Assessment. Please find the links on EFSA website: the news, the report.

Marie-Christine Salvi is back

Published on 21/08/2018

We hope your summer period is going on nicely, with some time to rest! We are pleased to inform you that Marie-Christine SALVI is back to Anses since mid-July, with now a long-term contract.  She is in particular back in the EURL CPS & Lm teams, in charge of administrative and financial aspects. She is doing her best to proceed as soon as possible with the reimbursement of eligible participants to the 2018 workshops and training courses.

Adoption of EURL Lm Guidance document on the competence of laboratories implementing shelf-life studies

Published on 21/08/2018

We are pleased to inform you that the revision of EURL Lm Guidance document on the competence of laboratories implementing shelf-life studies (Version 2 – 7 May 2018) has been adopted by EC Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (PAFF Committee) at its meeting of 3 May 2018. This document is now available on our homepage or link hereafter.

Update on Listeriosis outbreak Lm ST6-frozen corn

Published on 11/07/2018

As an update on the investigation  of the multi-country outbreak of Lm serogroup IVb/ST 6 infections linked to frozen corn and possibly to other frozen vegetables, please find the link to two reports recently published: 1st  update of EFSA-ECDC Rapid Outbreak Assessment : EFSA Technical Report: Urgent scientific and technical assistance to provide recommendations for sampling and testing in the processing plants of frozen vegetables aiming at detecting Lm - We as EURL Lm have further undertook sequencing of food strains linked to this outbreak and Léna BARRE has participated to the expert group which has drafted the 2nd report.