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Contagious equine metritis, proficiency test 2019
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The Contagious equine metritis, proficiency test 2019 is available on LEILA website ( PT code:19 CEM 04 . The procedure suggested to analyse PT samples are isolation & identification by culture method and genome detection by PCR according to OIE chapter 3.5.2 (Part diagnosis method/ sop on this website).
VSV, genome detection and characterisation, PT 2019
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Vesicular Stomatitis Virus, genome detection and characterisation, proficiency test 2019, available on LEILA website ( The procedure suggested to analyse the PT samples is the "Real-time RT-PCR method for VSV genome detection and typing", available on the European Reference Equine website/ diagnosis method/ SOP  or other procedure for VSV genome detection and/or typing.
Training session at ANSES, 23-24 May 2019
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The first 2019 training session focused on molecular methods, including real time PCR, Bruce Ladder and HRM (High Melting Resolution) PCR. This 2-day session combining theory and practice regrouped 8 participants from Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal and Romania.
87th OIE General Session (#OIE87SG)
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[relayed from OIE and IVDC websites] The 87th General Session of the World Assembly of National Delegates of the OIE has been held from 26 to 31 May 2019, bringing together representatives of 182 OIE Members and observers from international organisations that have signed an official agreement with the OIE, as well as other international and regional organisations and invited guests.  China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control(abbreviated as IVDC) is designated as OIE Reference Laboratory for Brucellosis. This institute is derived from the Institute of Veterinary Biomedicine of Ministry of Agriculture of Central Government that was found in 1952. IVDC is affiliated to MARA(Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs) and is a national institute responsible for evaluation and inspection of veterinary drugs.
Nice participation of EURL Lm to the IAFP's European Symposium
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The EURL for Listeria monocytogenes participated to the IAFP Europe symposium on food safety organised 24-26 Avril 2019 in Nantes, France. During the plenary opening conference, Benjamin Félix as invited participant, presented the description of the EURL for Lm participated to the investigation of nine multi-country outbreak investigations in collaboration with the NRLs, EFSA and ECDC. These investigations were conducted using whole genome sequencing methods. The EURL was in charge of data centralisation, analysis and data production in support of the NRLs. Abstract and slide show available hereafter.  
ANSES's Ten years 2020
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Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak reported in Libya
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Two Foot and Mouth Disesae outbreaks in Libya was reported on 13 May to the OIE. The serotype is pending. Information received on 13/05/2019 from Dr Zakaria Mohamed Mustafa Elkhatal FOOT & MOUTH DISEASE - LIBYA: (MISRATAH, TRIPOLI) CATTLE, SEROTYPE PENDING, OIE
Update on IRMM-359 CRM for staphylococcal enterotoxins
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We are pleased to transmit you an update from EC/JRC regarding the 3 Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) on SEA in cheese powder (IRMM-359a-c). Their certificates have now been updated with ELISA-based quantitative values derived from a collaboration with our laboratory, in particular. These values have been included in the section "additional material information" of the certificates. A short reference to this work was added to the certification report (addendum in page 5). Please see: This information is important for the ones of you using these CRMs as well as for the national networks you coordinate.
Opening of the website Neuropatick
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“NeuroPaTick” (Neuro – Neurophysiology, Pa – Pathogens, Tick – Tick) is a new area in tick research established for the first time in the UMR-BIPAR (Anses, ENVA, INRA). This research direction merges the innovative approaches examining the interaction of tick neuropeptide signaling system with the pathogens entering tick body. Specifically, we hypothesize that pathogen benefit from manipulation of tick neuropeptidome to ensure their survival, dissemination, reproduction and transmission. Our approach aims to uncover for the first time the vulnerable spots in tick physiology, subsequently leading to the development of better control measures of these medically important arthropods and the pathogens they transfer. Besides the common research direction NeuroPaTick group investigates multiple fascinating aspects of tick  biology and their interactions with the fluctuating environments.
Next EURL annual workshop in October 2019
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The EURL will welcome the members of the European and Third-Country NRL network on Wednesday 16th. October 2019 at ANSES Sophia Antipolis (France) for the 9th. annual workshop. The annual workshop is the opportunity for the NRL network to exchange, to receive news from the partners and to give information on the activities run in 2019.